Patent-Pending Speech to Text Engine.


Our goal at textshark is to help your company learn about its employees and customers.   By transcribing all of your enterprise audio at an economical rate, textshark enables you to gain valuable insight which you can turn into action.   

Cost Savings


Your company is likely manually auditing your employee and customer conversations for success and compliance.   Because human resource is very expensive, most companies only audit a small subset of customer conversations.   The textshark tool allows you to audit all of your customer and employee conversations at a cost less than 5% of the equivalent human resource



Simple Implementation


Once you sign up with textshark, we will help your operational staff connect with our simple API to upload audio files and receive audio transcriptions.   It generally takes under an hour to implement a basic interface to the textshark system.   We offer additional features that can later be layered on top of the basic interface to provide additional value.  

Powerful Insights


The conversations your employees and customers have are the most valuable data your company possesses.    To make the best business decisions for your employees and customers, you need to collect and master all of those conversations in realtime.   Prior to Textshark, it was impossible to gain insight across an entire organization.  Now, with our patent-pending tool, you can grasp the full flow of interactions among your valued stakeholders.   


We will assist you in developing KPIs around the textshark data so that you can take immediate action from your realtime insight