textshark Frequently Asked Questions




How easy is your system to implement?


Generally, it will take a developer under an hour to implement a first version interface to the textshark system.   This proof of concept will allow the uploading of an audio file and a receipt of the translated text.


How long does transcription take?


Transcription takes approximately 1 minute of time for each 1 minute of audio provided.  You should receive the transcribed text back within a minute or two past the length of the audio file uploaded.


How accurate is your transcription?


Machine transcription is 60-70% accurate.  Our engine has been demonstrated to be more accurate than Google's transcription service.   Only expensive human transcription can get 99%+ accuracy.   Because of the accuracy inherent in machine transcription, it is best used for statistical modelling and insight across a larger data set.


Who are your competitors?


No one currently offers machine transcription as a service (TaaS).   There are a variety of competitors that offer human transcription at $.80-$1+ per minute; however, those are best suited to applications like legal transcription where 99% accuracy is required


What if I need more than 20,000 minutes a month?


We are happy to provide wholesale pricing rates for larger monthly committments.  Please contact us to inquire regarding rates.